Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From Sudan to Birmingham - for the sake of the gospel

By: Andrew Mohandis

Ten years ago, I was in Mundri, Sudan not knowing that one day God would change my life completely for His glory and honor. When I was five years old, I was sick with malaria and about to die. I began speaking and singing, but no one understood me. My family members were crying, my father and mother were away at the funeral of my aunt and by the grace of Almighty God, He healed me. After the sickness, I didn’t know how to walk, but God used my uncle to put my ribs and hip joints back in place. From the jungle of Sudan, with war, bombs and diseases, God helped me and chose to educate me to make a difference in the future generations of the southern Sudanese people. I know God healed me with the purpose to preach the Gospel and make Jesus known into the world through the proclamation of God’s power.
ThreeSixty has taught me to serve others, help the widows and orphans, trained me how to cook like an American and show love through serving others. The Bible classes we took at the Church at Brook Hills have helped me to interpret and understand the Word of God. By being a part of ThreeSixty Ministries, my understanding of life is different than before at school in Sudan and Uganda. My English has improved very much. I can understand directions and assignments better in class and participate with other students when the teacher asks a question. I can now cook like an American. During the transition from Southern Union in Wadley to Jefferson State in Birmingham, I struggled with finding new friends, learning new teachers, classes are larger than at Southern Union State Community College and life in the ThreeSixty house was an adjustment. However, today, I am used to the work and routines at the ThreeSixty house and at Jefferson State Community College. Math has been a big challenge for me, but I am understanding it better than before and working very hard to make good grades.
ThreeSixty has opened my eyes to see the people in our back yard that are suffering without food and shelter. I’m so thankful to be part of God’s hands and feet to go and feed homeless people in downtown Birmingham and going to Choctaw County and helping the children. It has been an awesome experience and I thank God for using ThreeSixty to demonstrate the love of Christ throughout the nations. Last year, God allowed us to work together as the body of Christ and raise and contribute money, which fed more that 35 widows and orphans in Mundri, Sudan. Many of the widows send their thanks to the Christian brothers and sisters in the United States, who worked together with Bullen and I, to make this happen as we lived out the Word of God in the book of James 1:27.
I thank God so much for Mr. David Nix for being a great mentor in my life. Dave and I pray together, study the Word of God, play the guitar and he is teaching me to drive a car. I enjoy my time with him so much on the weekends. Concerning the multi-cultural effect on my life, as a Sudanese, cooking is done by the woman and man works in the garden. In the US here, woman and man cook together and share duties. I have learned from my African American brothers about fried food, while we Sudanese like boiled food. I have learned how to cook like an American. When I go back to Sudan, I will use what I learned to educate others. I am so excited to gain more knowledge and wisdom from ThreeSixty and use it to make a difference in the world.
In conclusion, I give glory to God for ThreeSixty Ministries, all the board members, friends of ThreeSixty, tutors, mentors, house parents, Mr. Rick and Lisa Mitchell and Mr. Chad Glover and Kristy for demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ in my life. I’m honored to be part of ThreeSixty ministries and learn to carry the Word of God into the Nations. On behalf of my family, I would like to say thank you so much for all you did for me. I have nothing to do for you but may God fulfill your needs. Please read Matthew 25:34- 36. God bless you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The work of God in Bullen's life during the first year

Greetings from Bullen Timo, Sudanese, in the Threesixty house.

May Your ways be known among the nations Oh Lord and let Your glory shine forever and ever. You alone are highly exalted and glorified. Magnify Yourself to the nations through Your church whom You purchased by Your blood. God, You alone are the Creator of all and You alone are Lord of all.

Threesixty Ministries is glorifying God by making disciples of young men and transforming their lives so that they will go into the nations and reproduce more disciples throughout the globe for the glory of God. By the grace of God, I was selected to be one of the students in this ministry. Since August 2009, I have been impacted in so many ways. I have learned and lived out the American family life, college education life, keeping financial track and my spiritual walk with the Lord. This journey with my Savior, life skills and school will have a great effect on generations throughout my homeland of Mundri, Sudan and the rest of the world.

Family life in Sudan was much different than what I have experienced in the ThreeSixty house because I did not grow up with a father, mother, brothers and sisters. Instead, I was raised deep in the jungle by my Grandfather, to whom I am so thankful. Sudanese men do not cook and men and women eat separately. However, Threesixty has allowed me to be a part of a family with a Mom and Dad together and this has been a great change and experience for me. I have learned how to prepare meals for the family, which makes me aware of how much time and effort it takes to prepare a meal and take care of a house.

Education is very important in Sudan and America. An education is what God called me to do in America and He will help me complete my knowledge and wisdom with a college degree. In Sudan, going to school and getting an education is very limited. I learned my math under a tree in the dirt. Since God allowed me to join this program, my classes have been my biggest responsibility. My English language skills are improving every day and I have gained thousands of words during this time. I believe with all my heart that God is going to use my education in business to impart hope to the nations of the world.

My spiritual walk with the Lord has been going good. During this past year, I have experienced having a mentor. He encourages me in my hard times, prays with me and we study the Word of God together. In our Christian journey we need someone to walk with us in the daily life and I am so thankful for what Threesixty has done in my life. I have experienced things that I have never dreamed of in my life; God has blessed my life through men and woman who stand by my side to help me in this expedition.

It is my prayer request that everything I do on a daily basis will reflect the glory of Christ to the people around me, so that many people will be drawn to God. I have a heart for people who have lost their families and those going through tough times in life, especially young people, widows and orphans . It is my hope that God will use my life to bring people who are hearting and hungry across the globe to experience His everlasting love. Thank you Threesixty for impacting my life with an education, life skills and guiding my spiritual walk, so that I may be His hands and feet to the rest of the world.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Year of Learning

On August 2nd 2009, four young men arrived at the ThreeSixty house unaware of the full effect this journey would have on their lives. This year has brought unexpected struggles yet great victories. It has produced joy in the midst of anger, and laughter in the midst of tears. Relationships have been developed and disciples have been made. However, the best way to characterize this year would be as a year of learning.

The primary lessons learned have not been taught in a classroom but have rather been observed through discipleship. Some of these lessons have been hard to learn, such as the effect of making wrong decisions. However, through all things it is our prayer that God has been glorified. I know for certain that I have been proven as the student with the most to learn.

Return each day this week to the ThreeSixty blog to read updates from the guys and the ministry.

In Christ,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break

Hey ThreeSixty Fans

WOW! What a week. Mid-terms are over and Spring Break is HERE!

I will start the break by cooking for my best friend, Asia Brown, who will be leaving soon to join the Air Force. Spring Break plans primarily include hanging with friends and family. One exciting adventure for the week is my first trip to Six Flags. All of the ThreeSixty guys will be going on Friday before we head back to school.

Before I end this blog, I would like to say to my brother - please remember:

Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist and follow Christ you will be successful."

God Bless,


Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello ThreeSixty fans

This week has been a crazy week. Responsibilities are sneaking out of hand. What are we going to do with that? On the other hand we had a great week because God allows us to be here with these responsibilities. God is teaching us in the ThreeSixty house with small responsibilities in order to qualify us for the great responsibility of sharing the Gospel around the world. Jerime, who is the quiet man in the house, called an emergency house meeting this week when dinner was not on the table for three days running. I was not surprised by that because I know something is not going well. So, in response to Jerime’s call, Pal sat everyone down and found out the chef of the week had already made up his mind that we were eating leftovers. One leftovers were in the frig. Everybody is searching for leftovers and something to eat. There was plenty of food, the chef just needed to cook it. Jerime took a leadership role and reminded everyone of the responsibilities that we all have and how as a family we depend upon each other.

Last Sunday during the end of the worship service, I was asked to volunteer in directing the traffic at Brook Hills. This news has spread all over the globe; through email, phone, facebook and twitter. I was standing in middle of the road directing the traffic like a policeman and drivers were stopping to see if they were dreaming. They would roll down their windows to see if this Sudanese was the new police at Brook Hills. Some cars were stopped at least 15 minutes without reason because I did not know the signs to tell them to go or to stop and then go again. I suspect that they will find opportunities other than directed traffic for me to serve in next time.

My mentor came and encouraged me this week and let me drive at Spain Park and for this I am so thankful. Please continue to pray for the ThreeSixty students as we are headed into midterms before spring break.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


snow, snow, snow, that is all I heard about around the house this week. Everyone was asking when is it going to snow. Bullen and Andrew wanted it to snow so bad. I didn't think that it was going to snow because the weather people got me before when they said it was going to snow and it didn't. When it actually began to snow I was more shocked than anyone. Bullen and I went across the street to a neighbor's house and watched their daughter make a snowman. This soon turned into making snow angels and a snowball fight between Bullen and me back at the ThreeSixty house. Throwing snow balls at Bullen and La La was a lot of fun.

I went home over the weekend and came back with a twisted ankle that happened as a played flag football in the snow. I am now walking around with a limp.

Have a great week


Monday, February 8, 2010

The Impact of Serving

Hey ThreeSixty Fans!

Wow!, This week was amazingly crazy, so I postponed writing the blog until the end of the weekend.

I have watched Bullen plan for his January community service mission and each night the plans changed into God's direction. Every time the phone rang it was "OK what's next?" As we prayed asking God to use us as His hands and feet, Bullen's community service was a huge blessing to us all. More on this in a minute.

School is very busy, but we are all adjusting to life in the ThreeSixty house with responsibilities as we become one big family and sacrifice for one another. I have my first big math test coming up next week and I need your prayers.

One of the things that is very amusing in the house is our new language. It is a cross between Moru. Slang, and English? Morslangish. Learn with us: Didido (I did it though), Willya (Will you), & Didia (Did you do it) to name a few.

Back to our weekend. The Bolden family, Ms. Bolden's friend, and Ms. Kesha (kids social worker) from Choctaw County, Alabama (in the black belt) came to spend the night in the ThreeSixty house. Background: Ms. Bolden is approximately 25 years old, has 7 boys ranging in age from 5 days to 11 years. They live in a house from which they must move because of lead poisoning, they all sleep in one bed, Ms. Bolden has very little education, and the list could go on and on, but the bottom line is she is in need of HELP! If you can't add, this makes 17 people sleeping in the ThreeSixty house! It was a BLAST!

Here is the 411: This family traveled after school on Friday to Birmingham, but didn't arrive here until almost 8pm. Dinner had been prepared for hours and many volunteers were gathered anticipating their arrival. Upon arriving, no one wanted to eat the 999 pieces of fried chicken, green beans and 70 rolls because of all the excitement. LOL! Next comes the showers, pj's and the movie "UP". None of the kids were ready to settle down after having slept the whole way here, so guess who is really "UP" in the ThreeSixty house All NIGHT. The night turned to morning and everyone dressed to go to iJump! Chasing 7 boys in a packed gym full of excitement was not something I would have signed up for, but to see the joy on their faces made me so happy. Lunch was a mess and so much fun. The Caldwell's planned a "Make your own pizza party" and everyone loved it including the adults. Lastly, Bullen shared the love of Christ with the Bolden's and we packed their cars to the brim with many donations of clothing, food and baby items as they departed. I have to tell you that the worse thing about the community service mission was to see them GO. Wow God is Great!

Hope everyone has a blessed week and I am off to the races.

Stephen Griffin