Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From Sudan to Birmingham - for the sake of the gospel

By: Andrew Mohandis

Ten years ago, I was in Mundri, Sudan not knowing that one day God would change my life completely for His glory and honor. When I was five years old, I was sick with malaria and about to die. I began speaking and singing, but no one understood me. My family members were crying, my father and mother were away at the funeral of my aunt and by the grace of Almighty God, He healed me. After the sickness, I didn’t know how to walk, but God used my uncle to put my ribs and hip joints back in place. From the jungle of Sudan, with war, bombs and diseases, God helped me and chose to educate me to make a difference in the future generations of the southern Sudanese people. I know God healed me with the purpose to preach the Gospel and make Jesus known into the world through the proclamation of God’s power.
ThreeSixty has taught me to serve others, help the widows and orphans, trained me how to cook like an American and show love through serving others. The Bible classes we took at the Church at Brook Hills have helped me to interpret and understand the Word of God. By being a part of ThreeSixty Ministries, my understanding of life is different than before at school in Sudan and Uganda. My English has improved very much. I can understand directions and assignments better in class and participate with other students when the teacher asks a question. I can now cook like an American. During the transition from Southern Union in Wadley to Jefferson State in Birmingham, I struggled with finding new friends, learning new teachers, classes are larger than at Southern Union State Community College and life in the ThreeSixty house was an adjustment. However, today, I am used to the work and routines at the ThreeSixty house and at Jefferson State Community College. Math has been a big challenge for me, but I am understanding it better than before and working very hard to make good grades.
ThreeSixty has opened my eyes to see the people in our back yard that are suffering without food and shelter. I’m so thankful to be part of God’s hands and feet to go and feed homeless people in downtown Birmingham and going to Choctaw County and helping the children. It has been an awesome experience and I thank God for using ThreeSixty to demonstrate the love of Christ throughout the nations. Last year, God allowed us to work together as the body of Christ and raise and contribute money, which fed more that 35 widows and orphans in Mundri, Sudan. Many of the widows send their thanks to the Christian brothers and sisters in the United States, who worked together with Bullen and I, to make this happen as we lived out the Word of God in the book of James 1:27.
I thank God so much for Mr. David Nix for being a great mentor in my life. Dave and I pray together, study the Word of God, play the guitar and he is teaching me to drive a car. I enjoy my time with him so much on the weekends. Concerning the multi-cultural effect on my life, as a Sudanese, cooking is done by the woman and man works in the garden. In the US here, woman and man cook together and share duties. I have learned from my African American brothers about fried food, while we Sudanese like boiled food. I have learned how to cook like an American. When I go back to Sudan, I will use what I learned to educate others. I am so excited to gain more knowledge and wisdom from ThreeSixty and use it to make a difference in the world.
In conclusion, I give glory to God for ThreeSixty Ministries, all the board members, friends of ThreeSixty, tutors, mentors, house parents, Mr. Rick and Lisa Mitchell and Mr. Chad Glover and Kristy for demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ in my life. I’m honored to be part of ThreeSixty ministries and learn to carry the Word of God into the Nations. On behalf of my family, I would like to say thank you so much for all you did for me. I have nothing to do for you but may God fulfill your needs. Please read Matthew 25:34- 36. God bless you.

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